No. Once a Constitution and Bylaws are adopted by the PAC it takes effect immediately.

Yes it matters and no you cannot dismiss sections of the bylaws no matter how old the document is. If your PAC or DPAC needs to revisit some sections of your bylaws then discussing potential changes at a PAC or DPAC meeting is a good way to get feedback and ideas. The current bylaws will have a process by which to made changes. This process must be followed to ensure the new constitution and bylaws are adopted properly.

The bylaws will state what your executive positions are. Traditionally that includes a Chair or President, Vice-Chair or Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members-At-Large. PACs will have SPC and DPAC Representatives and may also include Committee Chairs such as Lunch Program and Fund Raising. DPACs may have additional positions such as District Liaison or BCCPAC Liaison.

The bylaws will also state elections are to be held during the annual general meeting (AGM). The timing of an AGM depends on the bylaws. Some hold AGMs in the Fall, once PACs and DPACs have had a chance to meet and solicit interest. Some hold AGMs in the Spring to prepare for the coming school year.

PACs and DPACs should put a call-out for nominations before the AGM and during the AGM. Eligibility will depend on what the bylaws say but traditionally PACs and DPACs allow all parents (including guardians) from their school community to run for positions. During the AGM the final call for nominations is made.

Its best to determine ahead of time if an election will be by show of hands or secret ballot, except for the election of School Planning Council reps which are – by legislation – required to be held by secret ballot. If only one person runs for a position, they are acclaimed to that position. If more than one person is running for a position an election will occur.

It should be noted in the AGM minutes who the successful candidates are and those elected to the PAC or DPAC traditionally take their positions at the close of the AGM. Should a vacancy arise on the executive the bylaws should provide direction as to how to fill that vacancy including whether or not another election is needed or a simple motion at a regular meeting will do.


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