BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is made up of parents, elected by parents. The council helps to support the parent groups, and represent parents to the education partner groups. BCCPAC is a recognized charitable organization, registered under the Society Act of BC.


  • Governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected annually by the membership
  • Managed by a committed full-time staff
  • Assisted by contract workers and volunteers

The Who We Are section of the website provides detailed information.

  • To promote, support and advance meaningful parent participation throughout the public education system in order to advocate for the success of all students; and
  • Work with our membership, to promote leadership, communication, cooperation, and representation in British Columbia, at the school, school district, and provincial levels.

The Who We Are section of the website provides detailed information.

BCCPAC works throughout the year to:

  • Represent a membership of over 700 Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) and District Parent Advisory Councils (DPACs), from every school district in the province
  • Represent the parents of all children attending public schools in BC
  • Receives funding from the Ministry of Education, membership fees, conference registration fees, sales of resources, advertising, sponsorship, and project funding
  • Ensures parents have a voice in their children’s education
  • Ensures the BC public education system remains focused on the needs of children
  • Supports parents as they navigate the education system and exercise their rights and their children’s rights in education
  • Host annual conferences for members (e.g.,Regional Fall Conferences, Spring Conferences and our Annual General Meeting)
  • Assist members with a wide range of services (i.e; assistance with organizational processes, financial information and providing valuable resources for parents, PACs and DPACs).


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January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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