Canadian Home & School Federation (CHSF)

The Canadian Home and School Federation (CHSF) is a national organization representing provincial parent organizations—the national equivalent of BCCPAC. CHSF is the only organization uniting parents across Canada on issues of common national interest in public education. 

The CHSF Board of Directors is made up of representatives from its members. BCCPAC's representative is selected by the BCCPAC board each year.

CHSF also has an Executive elected by the CHSF directors. 

The CHSF board meets twice a year, for a mid-term meeting in the fall and an annual general meeting in the spring. Parents share valuable information and compare parent involvement province to province.

Because there is no federal ministry of education, CHSF does not restrict itself to educational issues, but also considers health and welfare, environment, and citizenship.

Resolutions approved by the CHSF membership at their annual general meeting come to the BCCPAC membership for ratification at our AGM. Once approved, these resolutions become part of BCCPAC’s Record of Member Resolutions.