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BCCPAC is the parent voice representation on a variety of provincial and federal organizations and ministry initiatives.

Please contact the committee representative, if you have questions about a committee.

2016-17 External Representation


Committee Name 1st Representative 2nd Representative
Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment (Ministry) Jen Mezei Farah Shroff
Advisory Group on Continued Professional Development Jen Mezei
ed Mental Health Coalition Tracy Wright
BC School Connectedness Kendra Mann
BC School Sports
BC Standing Committee on Curriculum (Ministry) Jen Mezei
BC Teachers Council (BCTC) Karen Nordquist Jen Mezei
Canadian Home & School Federation (CHSF) Farah Shroff Darlene Campbell
Dalai Lama Centre Farah Shroff
ERASE Bullying Advisory Committee Kendra Mann Gord Byers
Education Partners Healthy Schools BC (Ministry)
Education Advisory Council (EAC) Jen Mezei
First Call Child and Youth Poverty Coalition
Framework for Enhancing Student Learning Kendra Mann Jen Mezei
K-12 Aboriginal Education Partners Table Darlene Campbell Jen Mezei
School Concerns Forum Karen Nordquist Tracy Wright
Section 177 Gord Byers Karen Nordquist
John Puddifoot
Susan Wilson


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October 7, 2017

BCCPAC Presents to Select Stan

On October 6, BCCPAC President, Jen Mezei, and 2nd Vice...


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