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Past BCCPAC Presidents

Presidents of BC Home & School Parent-Teacher Federation (1922-1990), and

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (1990-to present)

Years Name School District (& City)
1922-1924 Mrs. James Muirhead SD39 Vancouver
1924-1925 Mrs. T.C. Rae SD44 North Vancouver
1925-1926 Mrs. J. S. Jamieson SD41 Burnaby
1926-1928 Mrs. H. R. Anderson SD44 North Vancouver
1928-1931 Mrs. Edward Mahon SD39 Vancouver
1931-1934 Mrs. A. F. Delmage SD39 Vancouver
1934-1936 Mrs. R. A. Barnard SD68 Nanaimo-Ladysmith
1936-1938 Dr. W. G. Black SD39 Vancouver
1938-1940 Mrs. John A. Hallberg SD39 Vancouver
1940-1942 Mrs. J.P. Leeming SD79 Cowichan Valley (Duncan)
1942-1945 Mrs. Kennerth G. Kern SD39 Vancouver
1945-1948 Mrs. C. W. Mallish SD39 Vancouver
1948-1950 Mrs. D. W. McLeod SD39 Vancouver
1950-1952 Mrs. Ernest Evans SD61 Greater Victoria
1952-1954 Mrs. C. G. McCall SD39 Vancouver
1954-1956 Mrs. A. H. Young SD41 Burnaby
1956-1958 Mrs. Walter V. MacDonald SD39 Vancouver
1958-1960 Mrs. Bert R. Tupper SD39 Vancouver
1960-1962 Mrs. H. L. Horan SD45 West Vancouver
1962-1964 Mrs. G. A. Binns SD44 North Vancouver
1964-1966 Mrs. H. L. Steeves SD38 Richmond
1966-1968 Mrs. Gordon Redgrave SD20 Kootenay-Columbia (Trail)
1968-1970 Mrs. A. B. Thompson SD61 Greater Victoria
1970-1975 Mrs. H. Schoen SD36 Surrey
1975-1977 Mrs. Margaret Ennenberg SD39 Vancouver
1977-1980 Mrs. Ona Mae Roy SD43 Coquitlam
1980-1984 Mrs. Helene Minishka SD39 Vancouver
1984-1987 Mrs. Gwen Chute SD43 Coquitlam
1987-1989 Mrs. Carol Thiessen SD43 Coquitlam
1989-1991 Mrs. Maxine Wilson SD43 Coquitlam
1991-1992 Meg Tracy & Moyra Baxter SD23 Central Okanagan (Kelowna)
1992-1994 Moyra Baxter SD23 Central Okanagan (Kelowna)
1994-1995 Anne Dornbrowski & Judy Rempel SD67 Okanagan-Skaha (Penticton)
1995-1998 Silvia Dyck SD33 Chilliwack (Sardis)
1998-2000 Debbie Look SD43 Coquitlam
2000-2003 Reggie Balabanov SD36 Surrey
2003-2005 Terri Watson SD33 Chilliwack (Hope)
2005-2008 Kim Howland SD68 Nanaimo-Ladysmith
2008-2009 Ron Broda SD63 Sannich
2009-2012 Ann Whiteaker SD61 Greater Victoria
2012-2014 Terry Berting SD41 Burnaby
2014-2016 Nicole Makohoniuk SD22 Vernon


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