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Highlights from this issue:

  • Meet the New Minister of Education – The Honorable Mike Bernier
  • Drug Ed
  • Energy Drinks and Kids Don’t Mix

Highlights from this issue:

  • A Calm, Alert and Happy Child
  • Improving the K-12 Accountability Framework
  • The Teacher Regulation Brand: An information Resource for BC Parents

Our schools should be safe and welcoming places, where students can learn in an environment free from bullying, harassment, intolerance, discrimination and violence. We all play a role in helping to ensure our schools are safe places, and one way to do this is by working to prevent bullying among our children and youth.
This guide for parents outlines how we can work together to ensure our children are part of a safe and respectful school community. We can achieve this by:

  • Helping our children recognize when they are experiencing or participating in bullying;
  • Taking steps to end bullying by working with staff at schools and representatives of community-based organizations and
  • Improving our school’s culture so that every student feels a sense of security, belonging and well-being.

Research shows that children who have been bullied or who have bullied others are at greater risk of emotional and social issues. That’s why it’s so important to intervene appropriately and quickly if we suspect that bullying is taking place.

This guide offers advice for parents whose children are the targets of bullying, as well as for parents of children who have witnessed bullying or who have bullied others. Our goal is to help you gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue and to suggest strategies for how you can work with your child and their school to come to a solution.

We hope that you find this guide to be a useful resource, giving you the tools you need to talk about bullying with your children and take action to seek a positive solution.


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January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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