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Inside this issue:

  • Family Dynamics: The Microcosm of School Functioning
  • How to Raise Funds Through Local Grants
  • Who is Wilma Clark?

Inside this issue:

  • Steve Cairns’ Parents Are Partners
  • Board Member Highlights
  • Truth and Reconciliation

Inside this issue:

  • Supporting Children in Care
  • Education Transformation
  • Truth and Reconciliation

2014 Labour Dispute Survey Results are available for member review at this time. Should you have any questions please feel free to email the BCCPAC office who will be more than happy to forward your inquiry on to a board member.

This survey was sent to the 1867 e-mails listed as member contacts taken from the 2013-2014 membership forms.

From this, we received 375 responses from PACs and DPACs located across BC. We had 10 people explicitly opt out of this and future surveys. 68 e-mails sent bounced.

Should your PAC not have received this survey:

1) Please ensure that your PAC/DPAC is a member of BCCPAC. We do not send surveys to non-members.

2) If your PAC/DPAC is a member, please ensure that you are the listed contact for your PAC/DPAC as submitted on your membership form.

3) If your e-mails are being automatically forwarded to you from another e-mail, you will need to respond to the survey from the e-mail address that it was originally sent to and not from the e-mail address you received it in. These survey e-mails cannot be forwarded.

4) Please contact the BCCPAC office if you have questions or problems or if you did not receive this survey and felt you should have.

Additionally, we have some issues with the survey provider, Survey Monkey, which may have resulted in some survey invitations not being delivered because of more aggressive spam filters.


BCCPAC has compiled a list of current and useful references for parents and students when facing conflict. Our aim is to empower the individual by providing them with the necessary information to take the steps to resolve their individual issues.

For additional resources and links please visit our

Conflict Resolution Resource Page

The BCCPACs Universal Concerns Procedure was set out as a parent friendly resource that can be used as a discussion tool when parents are working with district staff on revamping their district complaints policies and can be used as a starting off point or discussion material.

BCCPAC Universal Concerns Procedure


Easy Separation Dealing with the first days of school

The video was produced by the UBC Anxiety Research Project and AnxietyBC.  We developed it to help parents with easy separation during the transition to kindergarten


What’s new

January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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